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Styled Product & Flat Lay Photography

When your customers shop online,

they must make their purchasing decisions without the benefit of being able to pick your products up and turn them over, feel their texture, notice the small details that you've designed so carefully, etc...

...and that's where styled product and flatlay images come in. Give your customers that up-close experience that draws them into your products as they examine the design details and texture of your products up close, with beautiful, realistic product images.

a hand-crocheted tan hippo with aqua ears sits on a textured tan cotton blanket
product image of a white and pink quilt and sham set with textured pink ballerinas on it
product image of a newborn sleep hat in a bright pastel print of butterflies on a clean bright white background

It's important to be aware that your brand's online presence exists in

a fashion market that is absolutely overwhelmed with misleading product images-- poor-quality products that have been painstakingly prepped and photoshopped to look flawless in listings... and then arrive once ordered, to customers' intense disappointment, looking nothing like the item that was purchased. Your brand must overcome the challenge of the uncertainty and distrust toward smaller/newer online stores that these negative experiences with other brands may have created.

With this in mind, we at Sprout specialize in producing styled images that are bright and clean, while preserving the "realness" of your products in the form of individual texture, variation, and other characteristics that signal to your clients that what they are seeing has not been photoshopped into a different product than the one they will receive if they do business with you.

We offer product photography in studio as well as lifestyle settings; just let us know when you book your shoot, exactly what will best serve your brand.

We know the importance of fast turnaround on your images, as you race to stay ahead of the next deadline, the next drop, and the competition. We pride ourselves on our speed, efficiency, and our dedication to delivering the images your business needs to get ahead--every time.

Your Brand, Our Expertise

Ready to showcase your children's fashion in its best light? Ready to get your product images off your overloaded plate, and into the hands of a competent team that can't wait to serve your business?

Contact us today to discuss how entrusting your imagery to Sprout can be just the game-changer your brand needs.

product image of a blue hairbow neatly displayed on a coordinating blue background
a bright pink headband bow displayed on its retail card on a soft purple background
a newborn hat with a bright pastel "Little Sister" graphic displayed neatly on a clean, bright white background

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