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Modeled In-Studio

Lighting is one of the most important (if not the most important) factors in the quality of your final images. In studio, we have complete control over that light, meaning that each shoot can be tailored to the exact specifications that best showcase your product-- making it pop on your customers' screens.

a little blonde model in a Valentine's Day graphic tee laughs and jumps with her hair flying around her
a young male model poses casually on a smooth tan backdrop in a pair of woodland themed bamboo pajamas
a baby boy with dark hair and dark eyes wrapped up in a bright orange bath towel with a tiger's head on the hood

Set design can make or break the marketing effectiveness of your product images. A studio set design, for example, that beautifully showcases textured, organic playwear in soft neutral shades would crash and burn if used to shoot bright, printed bamboo loungewear. Good product photography is SO much more than pretty pictures that happen to have your products in them. Every new line that your company produces deserves individual set design and shoot planning, to ensure that your designs are what steals the show in every image.

a little girl in a handmade purple cotton dress poses in front of a little white gate while holding a white lace parasol
a little boy model in green spring-themed pajamas and yellow rain boots holds a bright red umbrella
a little girl model on a blue studio background shows off a cute panda bath towel

Consistency is key in building a recognizable brand. Within the controlled environment of a studio setting, we can provide a cohesive look to all your images. Whether clean and minimalist or a vibrant and playful is more on-brand for your company, our studio can ensure that your brand's aesthetic remains cohesive across all your visuals.

a little blonde girl sits on a white studio backdrop and models a pair of blue and white bamboo pajamas
a young male model stands casually on a white studio backdrop and models a construction-themed lounge set
a baby boy on a white studio background models a pair of mustard gold pajamas

We know the importance of fast turnaround on your images, as you race to stay ahead of the next deadline, the next drop, and the competition. We pride ourselves on our speed, efficiency, and our dedication to delivering the images your business needs to get ahead--every time.

Your Brand, Our Expertise

Ready to showcase your children's fashion in its best light? Ready to get your product images off your task list, and into the hands of a competent team that can't wait to serve your business?

Contact us today to discuss how entrusting your imagery to Sprout can be just the game-changer your brand needs.

a child model wears a red and white henley t-shirt with the words "Heart Throb" on it and laughs
a little boy models a gray and white henley t-shirt with the phrase "Mr. Steal Your Heart" on it
a little boy model wears a red and white t-shirt with a "Heart Throb" graphic and puts his hand over his eyes and laughs

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