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Modeled On-Location, Lifestyle, and In-Use

Invite your customers into a story that resonates with them, and connects your products to the idea of sweet childhood experiences...

three little blonde girls modeling matching dresses pose in a vintage laundromat

All of us who run companies know that buying-- especially when it comes to parents buying for their children-- is an emotional process for our customers. Make that powerful emotional connection with a product shoot that creates the start of a beautiful story in your customers' minds.

We partner with you to plan and execute a shoot that captures the essence or feature of your product that you want to focus on--and drive that essence home through every component of the shoot, from location, to models, to time of day, to supporting props and lighting.

Your customers are bombarded by hundreds or thousands of images every day; we can help you create images that position your product as unique through the storytelling nature of an on-location or lifestyle shoot.

two little girls in matching dresses and bows load quarters into a washing machine in a vintage laundromat
a toddler model in a shamrock dress sits in a full laundry cart surrounded by towels and blankets
a child model helps a toddler model load blankets into a dryer in a vintage laundromat for a product shoot

Custom-designed on-location shoots can be a great way to debut your entire new children's line with momentum. The images that result from a full on-location shoot can transform your entire website, with group images and editorial-style shots as well as individual product images that, together, generate movement and excitement for a new launch.

At Sprout, we know the importance of fast turnaround on your images, as you race to stay ahead of the next deadline, the next drop, and the competition. We pride ourselves on our speed, efficiency, and our dedication to delivering the images your business needs to get ahead--every time.

three little girls in matching dresses load fluffy white towels into a vintage teal dryer at a laundromat
a little girl models a shamrock bodysuit dress at an on-location shoot at a vintage laundromat
three little girls in matching dresses pose around a laundry cart for an on-location product shoot

Ready to showcase your children's fashion in its best light?

Ready to get your product images off your overloaded plate, and into the hands of a competent team that can't wait to serve your business?

Contact us today to discuss how entrusting your imagery to Sprout can be just the game-changer your brand needs.

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