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What are we all about here at Sprout Commercial?

At Sprout, we're all about JOY!

We understand that kids' fashion that sells is not just about clothing; it's a celebration of joy, individuality, and the vibrant innocence of childhood. Our experienced team is dedicated to translating these elements into bright, beautiful, happy images that turn parents who were "just browsing" into loyal customers.

two child models in green pajamas sit on a green studios backdrop with arms around each other's necks

At Sprout, we're all about your success!

We see ourselves as much more than just image creators-- we're partners in your business journey. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to capture the heart of your brand, providing you with high-quality images that go beyond aesthetics. At Sprout, we give our all to support your success, knowing that your triumphs are the true measure of our expertise.

a black and white image of Sprout's founder and head photographer, Laura-- a smiling woman with long dark hair

Laura is our Director, and the one you will interact with most when you get in touch with us.

At Sprout, we're all about children!

We love kids around here, and believe that every child deserves to grow up in safe, joyful spaces, surrounded by adults who believe in them, cheer them on, and are fiercely committed to their welfare.

We seek to show and celebrate children of all ethnicities and abilities, by offering a diverse cast of child models across skin tones, medical challenges and disabilities.

Sprout's founder kneels in the grass and poses with one of her child models for a picture

In an industry that has not been known for prioritizing the protection of the vulnerable, we are deeply committed to protecting and nurturing the young talents who bring your products to life. When you choose Sprout for your brand's product images, you can rest assured that the models in your images are working with carefully-vetted adults, in a safe, wholesome, child-centered environment.

*Sprout Commercial Studios unapologetically rejects partnership with any brand whose products, mission or values we believe may degrade, objectify, or reflect poorly on our child models.*

a little blonde toddler model sits on a pale green studio backdrop in St. Patrick's Day pajamas with a pink umbrella